Two Mothers

What sets you free

To secure the future of a Vietnamese boy from deportation from Germany, an East German and Vietnamese family enter into an uncommon relationship. After 16 years they travel together to Vietnam for the first time. A re-evaluation of family, society, responsibility, and freedom as these families stood their ground in the face of opposing political will.

Director of Photography: Ela Roth
Editor: Carissa Mosley, Ela Roth
Sound: Allen Branson
Score: Joel Ector, Derf Reklaw, Alfredo Rivera

60 min, German/Vietnamese, English Subtitle

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Two Mothers is an invitation to reconsider the meaning and interconnection of the concepts of family, society, responsibility, and freedom through scenes of the daily life in Vietnam.

Chau came to East Germany as a very young child of a family of foreign workers until reunification threatened to force his family back to Vietnam. His mother was deported first, then shortly before his 18th birthday – at which point he would have received German citizenship – he and his father were scheduled.

The close relationship between Chau and a young German boy named Oliver lead to the adoption of Chau into a German family, saving him from deportation. Eventually his father was deported, and two years later murdered in Hanoi. His mother would find her way to Prague to be closer to Chau.

After 16 years the two mothers, the German father, and the siblings travel together to Vietnam for the first time, discovering their relationship anew.

A contemplative journey to discover the personal values in the daily routine of diverse Vietnam. A trip to uncover universal values.

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