Iranian Girl in Berlin

There is chaos. Kids come in and go out again. A few parents hastily stick their head in the door. She is with her sister and the very young brother. It seems the three of them are connected by an invisible bond since they aren’t directly next to each other but still interact. The brother gets unsettled easily. He is in fear and constantly reaches out for his sisters. They don’t talk a lot: Eye contact – act.

She comes in, screens the room and heads to the table where to tinker. Within seconds she selects a body which is going to be her soft toy in a bit. She cleans the table quickly – pens into the pot and paper piled in one spot – and get’s herself the buttons – the exact amount she will need, no more, no less. She is set. We communicate by our innermost and universal language. She is very precise. I know what to do, what to hand, what to demo, and how to assist.

Her brother starts crying. She stops tinkering and entrusts the soft toy to me. She lifts up and holds close the brother who is about three-quarter of her height. It takes her a bit to calm down the little boy, however, she comes back to the table to finish her softy right away.

She is done. Now she takes care of the brother and her soft toy. I watch her. I am so impressed. I decide to hug her to honor her strength. She stayed with the hug until I stopped – I thought she feels my message. I thanked her and she thanked me.

But again, I guess she endured for me …

magic moments at Wilde Möhre Festival

We had fabulous moments at Wilde Möhre Festival which made the time pass by too quickly. Again this lovingly arranged natural setting created a world where one freely wants to get lost in.

Thanks to all who participated in our workshop or gave attention to our mission. Enjoy your Bunny’s company and smile life in – it becomes more marvelous with every single day.

Thanks to Rauand Taleb a clip on our days at Wilde Möhre will come soon!

wilde möhre bunnymission daniela häusler

In preparation for Wilde Möhre Festival

We’ve found our perfect spot to get ready for the Wilde Möhre Festival. By now we are very close to the festival area and to already pick up on the natural outdoor vibes we’ve decided on working under a perfectly shaped branch of a walnut tree.

If you want to come over to enjoy a good time or join the preparation or share some drinks or have some conversations or etc. – you are more than welcome. For overnights we’ve some spare beds. Simply get back to us. The only essential condition is: feel free to feel free.

And by the way … we are also fluent in German.

Only 3 more days to go!

BunnyMission wilde möhre daniela häusler ela roth

what’s your way to think out of the box?

I’m lucky … very lucky. I’m just back from my 10 weeks stay in the Pacific Northwest where I easily connect with (my) nature again. It is always such a smooth enjoyment discovering and debating different perspectives on issues with my brilliant freethinking friends who live there.

What makes me very happy back here in Germany is this surprise: an amazingly special connection of mine gave me his two published books (wikipedia). A very profound approach to the financial economy, pointing on things that are urgently worth knowing because they stink.

Thanks so much, I soak up this exposure!

Soon it will be published in English, too.

marc friedrich groesste raubzug crash @ Wild Carrot Festival

What a match!

My BunnyMission made it into the Wilde Möhre Festival | Wild Carrot Festival!

Prepare yourself for needle and thread because we are to find there with an upcycling workshop this August.

One day we make the world a special place – let’s start right there!

self-experiment | quit your job and write | (my) diary

What to do when you feel not happy with your job anymore?

Well start a self-experiment by quitting your job and dedicating yourself to your passion for one year. So he did. He wrote what happened in his life – day by day. Follow his ups and downs … since I live with him occasionally you can partly read into my life at this very time, too. You’ll find written down what was going on the exact day two years before. So enjoy! by Gregor Alexander Piel

Ship ahoy!

silent film with organ in full blast| Madame Dubarry by Ernst Lubitsch

It was a great pleasure to join one of these special nights at Berlin’s Babylon. My first silent film at a cinema accompanied by a live organ and big info on the film director Ernst Lubitsch who was born in exactly this city. My suggestion: join one of these nights and you will be carried over into another dimension as it happened to me.

just a notion

“Egos should be equally small – your ego might just feel inversely proportional to your universe.”

You might or you might not agree but most likely it will generate some movement.

This thought I had during one of uncountable many great conversations with a visionary from one of my favorite spots on the globe along the west coast of the states.

… about time for a visible output.


impressions of a globetrotter

They make it further than I’ve ever done it SO FAR. Looking for more adventures of participants of our project.

Here we’ve #54 | Bimbim who is with Arnaud in the desert of Tatacoa in Colombia.

Thanks for this pic and safe travels!